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Michael Zomber Has A Distinctive Taste For Ancient Weaponry

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Michael Zomber is an author, collector, dealer, filmmaker, and a philanthropist and has a passion for antique arms. His expertise and authority on the history of Samurai swords are internationally known and recognized.

He is aware of how the written history, pieces of the collections, improper storage and care can become lost and mishandled through time. He wants to work with people who have a deep appreciation in how to protect the history and the items of a collection and that includes the Samurai Sword and Antique arms.

The armor and weapons from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries of Japanese, European, American and Islamic are where he has gained his expertise in the field.

The institutions and individual collectors who purchase these ancient artifacts know how to keep the weapons in mint condition and value the precious history and monetary value.

He has written seven screenplays and has penned five published novels that have received a four and five-star rating from the public. Charles published three historical novels in the same year, Jesus and the Samurai, Shogun Iemitsu, and Sweet Betsy That’s Me in 2009. Park Avenue was published in 2010 and A Son of Kentucky debuted in 2011. His next novel Soul of a Samurai will be released in the near future.

Michael appeared on the History Channel for the Tales of the Gun series and related the history of the Dueling Pistols that were called Flint Lock and Wheel Lock pistols that were made in those eras.

His English Literature and Psychology studies awarded him with bachelors’ degrees and graduated with honors and then pursued his Master’s degree from UCLA in California.

Michael Zomber is a man with a variety of interests and has become a well-known historian of ancient armor and weaponry.  Fans can follow alongside Michael’s Facebook to see what his production company is doing next.