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Services Provided By the American Institute of Architects

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     With its headquarters in Washington, D.C. the American Institute of Architects is a United States organization which works with other members of the society in providing services in the design and development industry. AIA is responsible for ensuring government advocacy, and it acts as a professional company for many architects. Most of its services include the redevelopment of the community and reaching the public through support and building a new image in the people’s mind.

AIA speak in one voice. Unity helps them in quick decision making which is combined with federal legislators and local government authorities. The quality of life lived by the American people is affected every day. That why the American Institute of Architects uses their collective power in providing solutions to problems that affect the community. Through their intervention in the public sector, local governments are forced to improve in general space designing and protection of the available infrastructure. Some other services that are advocated by AIA include construction of affordable and well-designed housing for all American people.

This excellent work done by the American Institute of Architects is supervised by Robert Ivy. As the chief executive officer, Ivy aims at moving AIA to the next level. According to him, nothing will come out of them if they remain in isolation. That is the reason for their collaboration with other professionals. This will give all talented Architects a chance to meet their mates and build a team. Team working will teach the members many things which are essential in life. According to Ivy, one of the crucial skills an architect should have is a power to manage a big team. That is what he is planning to give his company.

Architect Robert Ivy a learned person who owns a master’s degree in architecture. In his schooling life, he attended Sewanee University and Tulane where obtained his bachelor’s degree and Masters respectively. His in-depth knowledge of the industry has given him the power to work in other companies other than AIA. Some of them include, Architectural Record and McGraw-Hill Construction where he worked as an Editor-in-Chief and as an Editorial Director respectively.

Shiraz Boghani Is Helping Patients By Providing Peaceful Settings

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     Shiraz Boghani is known as one of the best business professionals in the U.K. This was made evident a few months ago when the Splendid Hospitality Group presented an award to Shiraz Boghani. This award was for hospitality excellence, and Shiraz Boghani was chosen out of hundreds of thousands of business owners. Shiraz Boghani has a string of hotels in the U.K. Every hotel is filled with an atmosphere of calmness, every hotel is clean, and every hotel is rightly managed.

Though Shiraz Boghani loves running his successful hotels, his real pride is found in Sussex Health Care, which is a leading healthcare servicer in the U.K. Shiraz Boghani is one of the leaders of the establishment, and he takes pride in making suffering patients content while at this establishment.

Since Shiraz Boghani took over the Sussex Health Care, he added on three new additions to the establishment. Patients would normally come to this establishment for things like the common cold or to be seen by a U.K. foot doctor. Now, people suffering from dementia and even mental health issues can receive services from this health care center. This modified health care center now even allows people to stay in rooms that look similar to a modern living room. This center also has a pool, a hot tub, and several rooms with a recreational setting.

Shiraz Boghani works 12 hours a day and sometimes longer. However, he still manages to be a terrific family man to his spouse and his children. Shiraz Boghani makes time to spend with his family every single day. Sometimes the time he spends with his family is over a screen or over the phone, but he always remembers his family throughout the day.

Shiraz Boghani is currently searching for new establishments to manage in the U.K. Boghani does not want to just invest in any type of business. He wants to invest his money and time into a business that is created to helping people with their everyday life. Shiraz Boghani is asking accepting proposals from current U.K. businesses in need of a new owner and a new plan.

Glen Wakeman’s New Business Helps Startups With Planning

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Entrepreneurs who want to give their business the best possible chance of success will find LaunchPad Holdings’ guided approach to business planning helpful. Glen Wakeman, co-founder of LaunchPad, once said in an Ideamensh interview that he saw too many startups with good ideas failing. He saw start-ups that naively believed that their idea was a plan; this is where LaunchPad’s planning software platform makes a difference. With LaunchPad SaaS, startups have a better chance of getting accepted by an incubator and receiving funding.

Glen Wakeman earned a BS in Economics from the University of Scranton and an MBA in Finance and from the University of Chicago. He has held a number of executive positions with an extensive global consumer finance background, in addition to being a successful investor. Wakeman’s methodology for building businesses is improving the Five Key Dimensions of Performance, which include:

  • Leadership
  • Human Capital
  • Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Governance

Wakeman currently serves as an advisor to the CEO of Dreamfunded, an equity crowd funding platform in addition to serving as LaunchPad Holdings’ CEO, where his experience with angel investing, capital raising and global financing platforms is invaluable. When asked what he does, Wakeman says he matches ideas with money. Glen Wakeman also advises Sitter Bees, an app for requesting an on-demand babysitter.

Interested in machine learning that takes advantage of the enormous amounts of data available, Glen Wakeman says that it is a trend that will solve problems in business and speed up decision making.

Blogging is another of Glen Wakeman’s interests; he regularly posts about business topics, including a recent post where he advised company owners to take a hands-on approach and not assume that teams are handling tasks correctly. It is good advice and Wakeman keeps himself involved in LaunchPad’s design revisions, sales and he keeps an eye on the competition as well.

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Insightful facts about Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

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     Media platforms in Mexico have experienced tremendous growth over the past years and a significant number of individuals in the country, including millennials, are known to use the various social media platforms. In the late 1990`s, there were already over two hundred and fifty television stations which were broadcasting to the relatively fair number of individuals with tv sets. Grupo Televisa was one of the most public video platforms in those days and has continued to provide various shows and forms of entertainment to its viewers. Due to a large number of individuals watching television and using other social media platforms, many companies are striving to develop and expand themselves to have competence among their competitors. The various leaders and managers of such platforms are currently employing strategies to deliver the best to their viewers.

Alfonso De Angoitia is one of the most famous and highly skilled leaders of a leading media platform in Mexico. Alfonso plays a role as the director and executive vice president of Grupo Televisa, which is considered to be the largest media platform in the nation. He was born in 1962 and has over the past years helped to transform the operations of the rich media platform. Alfonso has been on the board of management of the company since the late 1990`s before acting as an independent member of the board of directors. He was later appointed the chairman of the of Grupo Televisa`s finance committee, among other members. Besides, Alfonso has also played a role as an alternate member of the board of directors at Univision.

Before joining Grupo Televisa, Alfonso worked at white and case LLC in Newyork city before becoming a founding partner member in Mijares. He is considered to be an amendable financialist of Grupo Televisa, and through his advice as well as help, he enabled the company attracts a large number of people in Mexican market through its partnership with Univision and other companies.

A New Lease On Life, Chris Piazzi

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Many people are diagnosed with cancer every day. This disease takes it toll on the patients and their families from the moment of diagnosis. Chris Piazzi, chairman of the Board of the College of Lake County Foundation and president of Mundelein Community Bank, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. Over time the disease took its toll on his body and during one of his tests, cancer was found on his kidney. After his team of doctors collaborated, they decided that a dual transplant of his liver and kidney would be the only way he would survive. On February 27, he received a blessing and got his transplant.

The College of Lake County Foundation decided to honor Chris Piazzi and the work he has done for the Foundation on June 12, at their golf tournament. The Foundation raises money to help students reach their potential academically with helping financially. Chris Piazzi wrote a letter to the foundation saying that while they support education to the highest, he learned another valuable lesson in life and that was life was to short and that by the kindness of others, he received his second chance.

The event tickets cost are as follows:

$450 individually
$1,700 for a group of four
$65 for the dinner and reception only

All RSVP’s must be turned in by May 26 to hold your spot at the event.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is designed to focus solely on all types of cancer. This allows the doctors to treat each individual patient with a personalized treatment plan that is best suited for their needs. Treatment options are constantly evolving and The Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses state of the art technology and advances in medicines to treat both the cancers and the symptoms patients experience.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Does it Again! Finding Patients more ways to Achieve Higher Success Rates

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America declares they are merging with Allscripts and NantHealth In hopes to come forward with ‘clinical pathways’, a new method of Oncology treatment. The article stated that enabling Eviti the NantHealth solution to evolving and taking away what doctors call “guess work”, will help the cancer treatment process by eliminating it. The Nant operating system is made up of an increasingly high number of Oncologists research and ideas which entails methods to treating and dealing with specific cancers. What this does is provide the best possible treatment solutions for those undergoing cancer treatment, dedicated to their type of illness. However broadening the spectrum of how treating cancer works.

Thus being will potentially make the treatment process less hectic by targeting specific patients disease states and providing the best possible options designed within the OS. The best part of having access to these types of features is giving patients a simpler route of discussing their treatment plans with their physician. This perhaps gives light to the patient of new research being found, and the best routes to take for higher success rates.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America located in Boca Raton, Florida has to be the most innovative cancer treating facility of our time. Always acquiring new methods and the best possible outcomes for treating this deadly disease. Richard J. Stephenson founder of CTCA lost his mother to cancer and was the supporting reason to opening his first hospital in 1988 in Zion, Illinois.

The treatment center is now home to five different facilities across America. Striving to have the biggest success rate possible, CTCA manages to pull the best reviews for cancer treatment across the nation and was even prized the Magnet Award. CTCA never seems to stop progressing towards improving the cancer treatment industry, and continues their research towards bettering the lives of their patients.

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The Interwoven Nature of Fashion and Technology in Contemporary Times

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For anyone to get the most of either fashion or technology, he or she must understand the interwoven nature of both industries in today’s world. Some individuals were opportune to know this truth early enough; their profiting as a result can be seen by all. Chris Burch happens to be one of them.


Mr. Burch is simply a born-entrepreneur. He could not wait to pass out from college before harvesting millions of dollars in business. Together with his brother Bob, he started Eagles Eye apparel as a college boy. They only had to grow the company for a couple of years before selling it off for $165 million.


He was adventurous. Aside recording outstanding success in the fashion industry, he also made his marks in real estate and technology. His current company, Burch Creative Capital, has an impressive portfolio with clients from leading companies in the United States and beyond. Hearing Burch’s views on the topic has always been rewarding.


According to Burch, the 70s was simply given to boom box. It was the number one medium by which music lovers carried their favorite tunes and stations about. Everyone crazily went for it. Surprisingly, by the 90s, no one was talking about it. All eyes were on the Walkman as it was more fashionable and provided a personal music experience too good to overlook. It only took a decade for something better to replace the Walkman; the iPod became the new bride. That has been the trend, something better always comes up.


Modern fashion is spineless without technology. This is the view of many fashion designers today. They believe that innovation and functionality in fashion can only be achieved with the aid of technology. Anouk Wipprecht painted it this way: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Technology likewise needs fashion in many ways. Without fashion, it is sure to lose popularity and suffer huge lost in patronage. Fashion helps to sell technology into the heart of people. A good example is a Fashion Show where latest technological products are showcased. Awareness created through such mediums help to drive sales of technological products upward.


Sometimes, both fashion and technology combine to achieve unbelievable feats. For instance, both can be brought together to create kinetic energy. This awareness has led to the production of cloths specially designed to power appliances such as watch and mp3. It may not be long before the world witness a prototype shoe capable of charging cell phones when worn and used in walking or running.


The interwoven relationship between fashion and technology remains intact and is getting stronger and better every day. The world will surely be better for it.