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Leveling the Playing Field of Wikipedia

Published / by GSM

One of the first places a person can go to learn about any person, place or thing is Wikipedia. The website has become a reliable and accepted authority site on just about everything but there have been some significant issues presented recently involving the gender equity of the website. It is a well known fact that 80-90% of the contributors to Wikipedia are male and carry with them the natural bias and point of view that men have. In order to address this inequality, there are some real efforts to level the playing field and provide a better representation of women and their accomplishments.

There have been gatherings of writers called, “edit-a-thons” to address this very issue. With the guidance of Wiki experts for hire,  people are working exclusively to create and enhance the information that the website offers about the accomplishments of famous females throughout history. The process is difficult because in order to publish on Wikipedia there is a significant number of hoops a person needs to jump through. It is possible but very frustrating for an inexperienced person to get the vital information they possess from their computer and to the rest of the world through Wikipedia. Fortunately there are some professional services available to assist any project in getting their information out on the pages of Wikipedia.

Hiring Wikipedia editors and writers from a Wikipedia editing service such as Get Your Wiki can help any person get make a Wiki page or edited in the manner that you would like. Businesses, individuals and organizations have all found this to be the best method to get the job done with the least amount of frustration. They can create, edit or update a Wikipedia page and get it submitted because they understand how to make pages that are supported by reliable source links and references. It is no enough to have these alone they need to be properly formatted as well. Most of these great companies will refund your money if the page is not published. Professional Wiki writers for hire have very few problems in seeing the process through to the end. Public figures, brands, and non-profits have found this to be the case. Not a bad price to pay to gain the credibility that Wikipedia gives you in the Google search platform. Google anything and if it has a Wikipedia page it will pop up on the right hand side. What could be better for your brand or business?

Wikipedia is a powerful platform for dispersing information and the cause to equal the exposure of women and their contributions to the world needs to be changed and updated. All forms of editing need to be put to use from professional Wikipedia writers and creators to edit-a thons of all sizes across the world. The problem needs to be addressed and equality should definitely be a part of a powerful site like Wikipedia.