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Julia Jackson Helps Young Women Find Positive Role Models

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Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a successful woman who’s one of the proprietors of an award winning wine company. With her role in Jackson-Family Wines, she helps carry on the strong tradition of excellence that her family has established in producing top-quality wines that have an international reputation. The privately owned enterprise has become a global endeavor and they own wineries throughout the world.The example that Julia Jackson provides as a successful woman inspires other ambitious girls and young women who are seeking to fulfill their own potential. She has taken it one step further with the non-profit that she founded that is called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.Her mother an accomplished wine industry figure, Barbara Banke, was the inspiration behind this effort. The foundation celebrates Warrior Women who have overcome life’s hardships. Furthermore, these women inspire others to do the same and are having a positive impact on their communities.

Jackson felt the need to highlight positive role models for girls and young women as she felt there was a significant lack in this area. It ultimately celebrates those who effectively manage adversity and the strength of women in leadership roles.The lifetime of experience that Julia Jackson has undergone has been a platform for her success. She grew up watching her parents develop a successful business in winemaking and it became her passion in lifeJulia Jackson too. With that said, she has complemented her life’s experiences with formal education as well.Art and wine kind of go together and she has an artistic bent that she developed with her degree in Studio Art from Scripps College. She has also achieved a Certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.Carmel Road is one brand that Jackson-Family produces which takes advantage of the unique growing conditions in Monterey’s Salinas Valley. Roughly midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay are noted examples of their high-quality productions.

A Look at InnovaCare Health’s Leaders, Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, and its LAN Commitment

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InnovaCare Health’s CEO, Richard Shinto, and other officials announced their participation in the innovative Health Care Payment plan dubbed Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN is a private-public partnership, which seeks to shift the U.S. health payment system towards models that focus on quality and not quantity. As a committed partner of LAN, InnovaCare Health supports the plan’s objective of accelerating the transition from outdated payment models to more efficient ones.

The InnovaCare Healthcare management said that it supported LAN’s goal of embracing Alternate Payment Methods (APMs) moving forward. Already its committed partners include 100 organizations from non-profit, public, and private sectors.

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is InnovaCare Health’s CEO and President. Shinto holds academic degrees from University of California (Bachelor of Science), State University of New York (medical degree), and the University of Redlands (M.B.A.). He is also a respected author with several medical and healthcare articles published under his name.

Shinto is a 20-year veteran in operational and clinical health care. He started his medical career in Southern California as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He has worked in different management capacities in healthcare organizations like Cal Optima Health Plan, MedPartners, NAMM California, and Aveta Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer in 2015. She previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer at both InnovaCare Health and Aveta Inc. She has been working in the managed healthcare industry for over 20 years and amassed a lot of experience in the field. She also has extensive knowledge in the development of managed healthcare processes and clinical programs. She focuses on increasing operating efficiencies and improving organizational infrastructure according to Ideamensch.

Kokkinides has also served as Centerlight HealthCare’s V.P and Chief Operating Officer. At the firm, she was tasked with strategic direction and overall management of its managed care division. Additionally, she has worked for Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice. She has an undergraduate degree in classical languages and biological sciences, a Columbia University public health degree as well as a post-masters’ degree (alcohol and substance abuse) and a master’s degree (biological sciences) from New York University. View her infographic resume at Vizualize.Me.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health provides first-rate managed health care services in Puerto Rico and North America. The company has focused on Provider Networks, Medicaid Programs, and Medicare Advantage. It creates sustainable models that are fully integrated with technology and are cost-effective. The company’s mission is to redefine healthcare management in North America to meet the needs and challenges of the present complex healthcare environment.

Malini Saba is the Definition of Success

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When you think of success you probably think of success in business. You might think of someone that gives back to their community. You might even think of a person that believes family is very important. If these things are the definition of success, that Malini Saba is one of the most successful people on the planet.


Malini Saba came to America when she was 19 years old. She had only $200 to her name and had to go to free classes at Stanford with her husband in order to educate herself. There she fell in love with business, particularly investing. She soon wanted to learn everything that she could about investing. She went all over the Eastern Seaboard interviewing investment bankers and venture capital firms about their successes. When she was finished with schooling, she created her own investment firm called Saban. She is now the Chairwoman of this company, and she continues to lead it to success every year.


Malini’s company boasts impressive investments in technology, oil, gas, real estate, and a few other sectors. They have also started to invest in several commodities, such as rice. For Malini, the safe investments do not make sense. She wants to go where no other investors want to. The more risk she takes, the higher reward she gets. Her company has even had bouts with corruption in certain countries, and they have thwarted the corrupt officials and survived. When it comes to business minds, Malini’s is one of the greatest.


Malini Saba is also a world-renowned philanthropist. She started the nonprofit organization Stree from the ground up to help women all over the world. Focusing on the lower income and at-risk areas of the globe, Stree aims to help women get healthcare, legal empowerment, and a hand in public policy. It also helps them if they have any entrepreneurial goals. Malini Saba believes wholeheartedly that women have a proper place in business, and that they should never be kept down by the social systems that exist in several countries around the world.


Even with all of these things happening in her life, Malini Saba still finds time to be with her family. She likes to read books about history and the human spirit, as well as hang out with her husband and child. She even finds time every day to pick her daughter up from school. If Malini Saba is not a successful person, then I don’t know who is.

Helane Morrison Continues to Inspire the Emergence of Other Compliance Officers

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Past corporate failures such as those experienced by distinct entities such as Worldcom and Enron serve as reminders to what could happen when an organization lacks a strong compliance department. Although this profession or office is new to most individuals and organizations, it has instituted its relevance firmly with many people taking up the roles of compliance officers. They assist business or institution leaders to steer their companies into success.

The Functions of a Corporate Compliance Officer

Not many individuals are conversant with the duties of a compliance officer ought to play. Hence, Roy Snell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, shed some light on the area. To him, a corporate compliance officer’s job is to put in place a compliance program to avert, search and resolve regulatory as well as ethical issues. This is done through various tools including education, Investigation, risk assessment, and audits.

Since not many people understand the functions of officers in this line of work, their roles are often misunderstood. In most cases, their positions are associated with making rules, which are accompanied by punitive consequences, when not followed. Compliance officers ensure that employees do not engage in activities that could attract the attention of enforcement agencies.

Career Opportunity

The continuous adoption of more legal frameworks or laws, which concern enterprises, is expected to have a snowball effect on the demand for compliance officers by corporate entities. Consequently, this field has been regarded by various parties such as Cathy Mackenzie, the general counsel and vice president of Inland View Casino Resort, as a suitable career opportunity for growth.

Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison serves in different capacities such as the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director as well as the General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She has served in various law firms such as the Howard, Rice, Canady, Nemerovski, Falk, and Rabkin. During her time in this firm, Morrison specialized in SEC matters, defense of private securities actions, as well as business litigation. Further, she also served under the US Securities and Exchange Commission office based in San Francisco since 1999 to 2007.

As the head of the SEC office in San Francisco, she represented Securities and Exchange Commission in financial, business, news media, government agencies, legal communities. Regarding academics, Morrison possesses a J.D from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, and a Journalism degree from Northwestern University. She is also a member of different bodies including the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association and the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation.

Leveling the Playing Field of Wikipedia

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One of the first places a person can go to learn about any person, place or thing is Wikipedia. The website has become a reliable and accepted authority site on just about everything but there have been some significant issues presented recently involving the gender equity of the website. It is a well known fact that 80-90% of the contributors to Wikipedia are male and carry with them the natural bias and point of view that men have. In order to address this inequality, there are some real efforts to level the playing field and provide a better representation of women and their accomplishments.

There have been gatherings of writers called, “edit-a-thons” to address this very issue. With the guidance of Wiki experts for hire,  people are working exclusively to create and enhance the information that the website offers about the accomplishments of famous females throughout history. The process is difficult because in order to publish on Wikipedia there is a significant number of hoops a person needs to jump through. It is possible but very frustrating for an inexperienced person to get the vital information they possess from their computer and to the rest of the world through Wikipedia. Fortunately there are some professional services available to assist any project in getting their information out on the pages of Wikipedia.

Hiring Wikipedia editors and writers from a Wikipedia editing service such as Get Your Wiki can help any person get make a Wiki page or edited in the manner that you would like. Businesses, individuals and organizations have all found this to be the best method to get the job done with the least amount of frustration. They can create, edit or update a Wikipedia page and get it submitted because they understand how to make pages that are supported by reliable source links and references. It is no enough to have these alone they need to be properly formatted as well. Most of these great companies will refund your money if the page is not published. Professional Wiki writers for hire have very few problems in seeing the process through to the end. Public figures, brands, and non-profits have found this to be the case. Not a bad price to pay to gain the credibility that Wikipedia gives you in the Google search platform. Google anything and if it has a Wikipedia page it will pop up on the right hand side. What could be better for your brand or business?

Wikipedia is a powerful platform for dispersing information and the cause to equal the exposure of women and their contributions to the world needs to be changed and updated. All forms of editing need to be put to use from professional Wikipedia writers and creators to edit-a thons of all sizes across the world. The problem needs to be addressed and equality should definitely be a part of a powerful site like Wikipedia.

QNET Supports Young Women Entrepreneurs

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Women represent an important part of the society. In the modern times, they have managed to achieve better lives. However, getting a proper work-life balance and also earning a good income is not easy. They have to go to work for several hours, nature their families and maintain their beauty. This is a very difficult task when employed in an office for work for several hours a day. Most women want to be their own bosses. Work at their convenient time, and still have time to check on their babies and families. One of the easiest and quickest and also low-risk opportunities available for the modern woman is becoming entrepreneurs in the direct selling industry.

QNET is a direct selling company that is headquartered and based in Asia. To celebrate women this year, the company has decided to empower young women to do well in the direct selling company. The company wants to empower these women because they understand that the whole community will benefit from it. By empowering young women entrepreneurs, QNET will ensure that many of them reach their dreams, and the whole community will change for the better.

USAID has been very influential in the lives of many women in the world today. The organization advocates for the importance of women leaders in the society. If any society or country has to do well economically, socially and politically, young gals in the society must get the right education, technology, healthcare and other important things. They should also be able to get important resources and opportunities, just like what QNET is offering them. Women should also have equal rights in important sectors and industries. They should be allowed to own land and become bread winners, just like men.

QNET is a very famous company that deals with several products that are for women. The company has beauty products, health products, wellness and several others. The country is well known, and since its formation, it had done very well, spreading in over one hundred countries in the world. It has several offices in the whole world, and it continues to generate a lot of revenue. The institution is also involved in charitable funding in several platforms all over the world. During the Chennai floods, the company donated several household items and money to the affected families. The company also donated kidney machinery in a hospital located in India.

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Regulates for Hall Capital

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If there was ever a time and a need for someone that could regulate procedures for an organization, it would be now. Helane Morrison is the compliance officer for Hall Capital, and I think that she is doing an excellent job with this organization. It is evident that she has the credentials, and in more than 5 years with Hall Capital she has proven herself to be a valuable employee.

I know that she has a law degree, and I think that this is very important for anyone that is working in the area of corporate rules and regulations. A lot of companies have failed to acquire the right people for these types of positions and a total disaster has occurred. Helane serves as the executive that keeps this investment company in the right place. This company is in charge of more than $29 billion in investor funds. There has to be a high level of accountability. Morrison has the experience as a former San Francisco SEC Regional Director so she knows how to investigate companies and find violations. I think that she has been vital to the success of Hall Capital in her role as the General Counsel.

I always wonder how so many corporations can break laws and go up in smoke when there are compliance officers in place. I can only assume that these officers for these other companies were corrupt. That is why I think it pays to have someone like Helane in place for these type of checks and balances of corporate structure. She has a resume that is filled with a lifetime of compliance work. It has become the thing that she is well-known for. Investigating and upholding the law is in her blood. That makes her much less likely to fall victim to any type of corruption.

Keeping a large business in order is not an easy thing. Laws are always changing and there is always something new to get the rest of the employees to conform to. Many people are used to doing things the way that they have always done things and they don’t want to change. I think that this is something that ruins organizations sometimes.

Learn more about Helane on her Crunchbase profile.