Insightful facts about Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

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     Media platforms in Mexico have experienced tremendous growth over the past years and a significant number of individuals in the country, including millennials, are known to use the various social media platforms. In the late 1990`s, there were already over two hundred and fifty television stations which were broadcasting to the relatively fair number of individuals with tv sets. Grupo Televisa was one of the most public video platforms in those days and has continued to provide various shows and forms of entertainment to its viewers. Due to a large number of individuals watching television and using other social media platforms, many companies are striving to develop and expand themselves to have competence among their competitors. The various leaders and managers of such platforms are currently employing strategies to deliver the best to their viewers.

Alfonso De Angoitia is one of the most famous and highly skilled leaders of a leading media platform in Mexico. Alfonso plays a role as the director and executive vice president of Grupo Televisa, which is considered to be the largest media platform in the nation. He was born in 1962 and has over the past years helped to transform the operations of the rich media platform. Alfonso has been on the board of management of the company since the late 1990`s before acting as an independent member of the board of directors. He was later appointed the chairman of the of Grupo Televisa`s finance committee, among other members. Besides, Alfonso has also played a role as an alternate member of the board of directors at Univision.

Before joining Grupo Televisa, Alfonso worked at white and case LLC in Newyork city before becoming a founding partner member in Mijares. He is considered to be an amendable financialist of Grupo Televisa, and through his advice as well as help, he enabled the company attracts a large number of people in Mexican market through its partnership with Univision and other companies.

Osteo Relief Institute: Loosening Your Joints Without Tightening Your Budget

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What disease is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. afflicts fifty-million people and is a degeneration of the soft tissue (cartilage) between the bones? Osteoarthritis, a.k.a. Degenerative Joint Disease.


Osteoarthritis is caused by things that can be governed like obesity that places extra stress on the joints and smoking which is detrimental to the connective tissues. Then there are the risk factors that can’t be controlled: genetics injury and aging.


There is no cure for OA. There are ways to mitigate the pain and swelling. Morning immobility can be avoided by stretching and light exercise before turning in. When awake stand-up and walk around every thirty minutes. Movement is imperative. Utilize low impact aerobic exercise and stretching to ease symptoms. Walking biking and swimming are recommended activities.


People who live in the Monmouth County New Jersey area can turn to the Osteo Relief Institute of New Jersey ( The Osteo Relief Institute uses the most modern FDA approved treatments and diagnostic procedures. Videofluoroscopy x-rays the joint while it is in motion more accurately pinpointing the arthritic area.


The Osteo Relief Institute has board certified doctors and physical therapist on staff. Explanations of your condition and potential treatments are given in plain English (HealthGrades). The Osteo Relief Institute uses a variety of treatments that work together to achieve maximum relief of symptoms. Biomechanical bracing lubricating injections and “Non-Grueling” spine and knee strengthening among them.


The objective of the Osteo Relief Institute is to provide relief by trying to avoid invasive procedures. Among the conditions that can be treated at the Osteo Relief Institute are chronic back pain, herniated and bulging discs, Spinal Stenosis, neck problems, sciatica, neuropathy, degenerative disc disease, and failed back surgery.


Minimizing the cost of treatment is another of the Osteo Relief Institute’s objectives. Initial screenings are free.

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Oncotarget Examined

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Oncotarget is an organization that publishes research type papers concerning Oncology as well as Cancer Research. In addition, Oncotarget also publishes well researched papers concerning Endocrinology as well as Pathology.Essentially, Oncotarget publishes medical material which is helpful to physicians as well as medical students. Such material can provide new insight into medical treatment as well as potential cures which are not known to the public.There are other areas in which Oncotarget publishes updated material. Other areas of research and interest include Cell Diseases and Endocrine Immunology.

You may also contact Oncotarget directly for information regarding article submission guidelines, publication fees as well as publishing policies. In addition, manuscripts may be submitted concerning a variety of medical topics. Once manuscripts are submitted a review process takes place which could take up to 3 months.Group Authorship opportunities are also available through Oncotarget. Essentially, one or more authors must be identified once a manuscript is approved for publication. In addition, if more than one author is identified and associated with a particular article then all parties names will be listed as the original creator and or publisher of the article.

*Article Submission Guideline Information:

Article submissions require complete and updated contact information, identifiable sources (where information was gathered), as well as reason for wanting to publish a specific article. Some articles are published for research purposes. Some articles are published and used as teaching tools for undergraduate medical students.There are special policies concerning any animal related articles. Articles that may involve any form of animal testing must go through an intensive approval and or verification process. All testing must be in accordance with current laws regarding animal testing.Finally, Oncotarget is a useful resource for medical professionals. Oncotarget gives others the opportunity to become part of the Oncotarget community through new article submission.

How Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Affiliate with InnovaCare Health

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InnovaCare Health is an amazing company ran by CEO Rick Shinto and COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides whom are very experienced in their fields of work. This service serves the purpose of providing affordable health care to it’s many customers worldwide. InnovaCare Health offers quality healthcare for people on health plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs by creating models that are sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with most of today’s advanced technology that some other healthcare providers may not offer. This company is also a main leader when it comes to providing some of the best Physician Practice Services. InnovaCare Health is the best choice, all around!

InnovaCare Health’s CEO Rick Shinto has over twenty years of experience in clinical and operational managed healthcare. He has been in the healthcare industry for many years. Penelope Kokkinides & DR. Rick Shinto has held quite a few prestigious titles within the span of his career prior to joining InnovaCare Health including such titles as; the President and CEO of Aveta Inc., Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California and Chief Medical officer as well as the Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Pathways Management System. Shinto started his medical tenure as a Pulmonologist, which is a pulmonary disease specialist, and Internist, which is a specialist in internal medicine. DR. Rick Shinto could be, in some sense, considered overqualified for his positions – but that is, in turn, what makes him the best candidate for his career field. Shinto has an (MBA) from the University of Redlands, a (BS) from the University of California at Irvine and he is M.D accredited.

The COO/CAO of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides also has more than twenty years of experience in her field. Kokkinides specializes in Medicare and Medicaid and the managed care industry. She also has quite an extensive knowledge and expertise in developing clinical programs and managing healthcare processes and operations. Penelope focuses on things such as improving efficiencies and organizational infrastructure. Kokkinides has served in quite a chunk of important roles such as; Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for CenterLight Healthcare, Chief Operating Officer of TouchStone Health and the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. Penelope is accredited with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science from Binghampton University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Columbia University School and to know more click here


George Soros Brings The Fight For Human Rights To The Streets Of Ferguson

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The Ferguson protests of late 2014 were often seen as a simple case of the latest shooting of an African American male by a law enforcement officer in a nation where institutional racism remains a major problem. Into what was originally a local protest movement steps George Soros, the former Hungarian refugee who has been a major supporter of human rights groups across the planet through his own Open Society Foundations network; The Washington Times reports Soros provided around $33 million in funding for groups supporting the Ferguson protests, including the Drug Policy Alliance that receives around $4 million from the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations each year. The Drug Policy Alliance policy director Kassandra Frederique played a major role in bringing the Ferguson protests to the attention of the public as the shooting of Michael Brown was seen as reflecting many of the issues the charity looks to combat on a regular basis.

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The backing of groups such as the Drug Policy Alliance has led to George Soros becoming an influential figure in the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement that has been at the heart of the civil rights movement in the U.S. and led to many conservative commentators stating Soros is the man behind the rise of the movement. In fact, George Soros simply backs groups that have come together since the 2011 shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida to create a movement designed to keep the issues of the civil rights movement in the public eye; over the course of the Ferguson protests over 500 people who are part of the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement traveled to Ferguson to aid in the organizing of the protestors in the city to keep them safe at all times. Even the publicizing of the Ferguson protests led to George Soros becoming mentioned as he funding the publishing of the publishing of the Colorlines Website that pushed forward the cause of the people of Ferguson. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Over the course of the Ferguson protests the issue of human and civil rights has risen to the surface of the work completed by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. George Soros has maintained an interest in social justice and the advancement of liberal issues since his youth in Hungary, which included a period of time spent living under the rule of the occupying Nazi forces, the Open Society Foundations reports. George Soros remains one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers long after his 80th birthday and continues to work to better the lives of the people of the world, including those who are living under harsh human rights conditions in what are seen as free and democratic countries. Learn more on about George Soros.

Why Officers Use Securus Technologies in the Prison

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When you have to work inside of a jail each day, you learn to move around with your head on a swivel because at any moment it could be your last. I work in a crowded prison with many inmates who are serving life sentences and have nothing to lose by causing harm to another. If you introduce drugs into the equation, then you really give the inmates a huge advantage.


Some inmates underestimate the power in these drugs, and once taken, can become several times stronger than they usually are. This makes it very difficult for my team to be able to maintain order because we are already outnumbered, and now we have to take resources from one area to just contain a suspect. This means we have to make a huge effort each day to try and stop the flow of drugs in the prison, and we utilize Securus Technologies in those efforts.


The inmate telephone monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies is capable of picking up chatter from anyone on the phones about a number of different subjects. When the conversation of drugs comes up, we are able to now get the alert and spring into action faster than ever before. This makes the entire prison safer for officers, inmates, and even visitors.


This month we were alerted to a call where one inmate was talking about selling prescription drugs in order to raise money to kick up to the gangs in the jail. We closely monitored this inmate and discovered he was one of many being recruited to gangs in jail for protection, but in exchange had to get and sell drugs to other inmates and kick up to the leaders. The call system helped us break up that ring and make the facility safer.


Online Friend Making Service From Whitney Wolfe

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Whitney Wolfe is very passionate about human relationships. This is one of the reasons that she has wanted to create her own app for people to use.

One app she has created is the Bumble app which is good for empowering women. It makes dating a little easier for some men as well. However, there is one aspect of life that has been neglected for a while that Whitney has looked at. This is the need for human friendships. Whitney has taken the time to deal with this need by adding an extension to the app called Bumble BFF.

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While it is rather challenging to find a date, it can be challenging to find friends as well. As people get older, they come to realize that not everyone they meet and get along with can be considered friends. There has to be a criteria that has to be met in order for one to be friends. Whitney Wolfe has set up the Bumble BFF app to help people find others that meet the criteria. Therefore, when people download the app, they can develop a tight circle in which people could support one another. Whitney Wolfe knows the difference that a supportive circle can make.

One thing that people have been faced with is the challenge of meeting friends. A lot of people are at a loss when it comes to meeting new people. However, the best way to do this is through going to gatherings when it is offline. However, Whitney Wolfe has made it possible for people to meet the friends they need in their lives with the app. They have to set up a profile and be honest in it. Then the dating app will match them with other friends so that they don’t have to worry about too many clashes with the people they meet.

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Rick Smith Announced Entry of New Executive to Lead Sales Team

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In January 2016, Securus Technologies announced there were new additions to its executive team. The company specializes in providing tech solutions aimed at improving public safety, aid in investigations and monitoring activities of those locked in correction institutions. John Bell is the executive who joined the company effective December 30, 2015, to serve in the position of Senior VP of Sales. During that announcement, Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith said that the company had invested over half a billion dollars to purchase and develop hundreds of equipment and accessories to enhance security and safety in correctional facilities. Through that investment, the company had to restructure its sales team in order diversify their portfolio.

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John Bell’s Professional Background

John Bell is recognized for implementing programs that transform company’s performance and culture. In his 35-year career, Mr. Bell has built a foundation, which has led to exceptional growth, excellent performance, as well as developing outstanding sales leaders. The sales executive once worked at IBM, NTT Verio, Time Warner Cable, AT&T and Verizon. Mr. Bell earned his undergraduate degree from Holy Cross, and later did postgraduate at Wharton School of Business. Also, he did another postgraduate studies at Kellogg School of Management. Mr. Bell will be responsible for supervising a sales team of 100 professionals.

Mr. Bell became the new boss of the company’s Sales Vice President, Josh Conklin, but he was to retain his executive responsibilities. Both executives were to collaborate together to accomplish the excellent work Josh had initiated, and also focus on other areas to achieve the following important goals:

  • Presenting the company’s products to a larger network of customers ;
  • Reach out more customers through face to face interaction;
  • To fully utilize the company’s tech center, and presenting to hundreds of customers each year; and
  • Creating an effective training program for the sales professionals.

Securus is focusing on ensuring their clients are able to understand as many products and service the company is offering. After doing that, they will attract new clients, and old ones retained, according to CEO Rick Smith. As a result of the changing technology, Securus’ products and services keep on changing, hence the need to have a flexible and dynamic sales team that would evolve and present their products more effectively. The CEO further explained that John Bell’s excellent performance record is what was required at Securus technologies.

About Customers’ Emails and Letters

Many Securus Technologies’ customers have been sending emails to the company, appreciating their services. The customers believe that Securus has played critical role of keeping the society safe. In addition, prisoners and their loved ones are more secure compared to previous years. This is why many clients and the society appreciate services provided by Securus Technologies because they have helped to enhance security. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Mike Heiligenstein Speaks On the Future of Road Toll and the Transport Department Of Texas

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Mike Heiligenstein works with Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the executive officer. He took the position after selection by a seven-member board of the authority in 2003. Before joining CTRMA, Mike worked for eight years as a member of Round Rock City Council and a commissioner in Williamson County for 15 years. He holds a bachelor’s and two masters degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority primary responsibility is to provide solutions that decongest traffic in Austin and other cities in Texas. It works in close collaboration with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and other state agencies to create reliable solutions. Under the patronage of Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA rose from a start-up toll road operator to a nationally recognized leader.


During a forum at Texas Department of Transport, Mike stated that it has not been easy to solve the problems facing Super Highway 130 project and the problems might continue for the next two decades. He attributed the problems facing the project to the reluctance of neighborhoods and cities to allow for more lanes. Responding to concerns on improving the situation, he called for a change of travel behavior and adopting a multi-modal approach.


Solution to the transport sector in Austin according to Mike does not lie in ensuring the traffic on the highway moves but also on improving the capacity to meet the growing traffic on the motorway. Mike noted the current increase in the demand for trucks and cars in Austin and the potential impact on the roads. He cited the I-35 and the residents as the major setbacks in achieving the set goals.


Toll roads in the state of Texas experienced poor financial performance attributed to weakening the economy and the rising cost of gas. On this issue, Mike asserted that roads tolls made a significant contribution despite the challenges. He noted the contribution to the construction of 183A where its development received full funding from user revenues. While acknowledging that road tolls were not the only solution to problems facing the transport sector, he said that it was one among others.


One of the solutions provided by CTRMA is MoPac a technological app developed in partnership with Metropia. The solution provides road users with real-time updates on the prevailing traffic conditions in the state. The app as Mike argues will help motorist make informed choices on the roads to use avoiding areas with congested and slow traffic thus getting to their destinations faster.


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Say Hello To Anthony Petrello!

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Although conservationists consider fossil fuel as a nonrenewable resource, it remains a lucrative industry. In fact, numerous countries remain reliant on fossil fuels to sustain their economy. In addition, fossil fuels serve numerous purposes. For starters, they provide fuel for vehicles such as cars. Moreover, people use them in their homes for cooking. In addition, numerous fossil fuel companies exist in the world. However, few of them possess the ability to capitalize off of the industry the way that Nabors Industries has. In fact, it remains listed on the S&P 500. However, no company would have the ability to achieve such success without a great leader.

With that being said, a substantial amount of the company’s success remains attributed to Anthony Petrello. For those unaware, Anthony Petrello became the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board in 1991. Moreover, he served as the president from 1991 to October 2011. During the same time, he also served as the Chief Operating Officer. In addition, Anthony Petrello has held numerous high-ranking positions. With such a rich work history, Anthony Petrello remains an asset to the company. In addition, Anthony Petrello’s understanding of the industry remains uncontested.

Aside from his operating functions, Petrello created several strategic planning initiatives. As a result, it allowed his company to become successful in such a competitive industry. Previously, Anthony Petrello worked for the Baker & McKenzie law firm. Moreover, he worked for the company for almost two decades. Furthermore, he specialized in international arbitration, corporate law, taxation, and so forth. From 1986 until 1991, Anthony Petrello served as the Managing Partner for the firm’s office in New York. Also, Anthony Petrello hails from an educational background. Aside from receiving a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School, he received additional degrees at Yale University.